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What I don’t think pro-lifers understand



Is that every single one of us wants abortion rates to be lowered. Not because they ~kill babies~, but because we want comprehensive sex education and to be able to have safe sex under necessary conditions. I would of course want abortion rates to be lowered because I want people to be able to have sex and determine when they want to have a baby when they want to. 

Abortion rates are lower in countries in which abortion is legalized and comprehensive sex education is offered. Abortions are also not done when birth control pills are regularly given and available to low-income couples. If you want to be so pro-life, legalize abortion and help save people’s lives: the people who are giving birth in the first place. About 70 000 women die because of backalley abortions, because pro-lifers cannot fathom the idea that people are going to have abortions regardless of legalizing or not legalizing the practice. It is a desperate choice and they will take it.

I mean it’s like this- or well, not like this but- if my sister were to go do something I don’t much like and which could harm her and asked for my help, I wouldn’t like it, but I wouldn’t deny her my help because that’s not going to stop her from doing the stupid thing she’s going to do and at least if I help her I can …help her, really. So she’ll be safer. And then if something happens I can help.

Never mind, that’s a bad analogy.

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