What if… #IForget

What if Harry Potter fans - I’m eyeing you hard, Nerdfighteria - wrote a script for all the Harry Potter books to turn into¬†7 movies. Not a line-for-line retelling of the books, or a remake of the movies, but scripts that fit a normal movie-length time and are good. Not just to fans, but to movie lovers as well, and people like my father who have never read the books. Comprehensible is what I’m saying. Because as movies, what we have is not up to scratch, people walk out of theaters scratching their heads because it doesn’t make sense, while at the same time HP nerds are moaning because the people in charge ship Harry/Hermione more than the actual plot (that’s right HPatHBP viewers, romance is a side plot in the books). Does this make sense? Is it not possible to make a good movie that is also true to the books?