When Lily Evans told James Potter that she wouldn’t go out with him because he was a bully, he stopped bullying people and redeemed himself. When Lily told Severus Snape that she wouldn’t go out with him because he called her a racial slur, he went on to join a racist terrorist group.
Conclusion: James Potter handled rejection much better than Severus Snape does.

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Rubeus Hagrid | Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts


Rubeus Hagrid | Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts

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tonks went to school with bill and charlie weasley

she was in the same year as charlie

i can imagine they would have been mates, the older weasley boys would have been just as good at causing havoc as the twins at times and this particular trait caught tonkss attention, shapeshifter and cheeky as hell and ‘lacking the ability to behave herself’ as she was

not to mention they were all amazing at quidditch and enjoyed friendly rivalry, and they were all top students

so man they used to get up to mischief, they hung out a lot, they knew each other pretty well and kept in contact after hogwarts and enjoyed those times during the order and gathering war and stuff when they got to hang out together, theyd sit up nights together drinking and laughing and telling stories

but then tonks dies and her little baby teddy becomes almost like another weasley grandkid, about a year older than bills little victoire, they watch him grow up, play with his metamorph skills, go to hogwarts, get detentions, play as a chaser for hufflepuff..

and every now and then, teddy does something that is ~so ~painfully tonks, that bill and charlie just have to sit back and have a moment. he says ‘wotcher’ without ever knowing his mum did. he loves the weird sisters. he trips over his shoes. 

when he gets a bit older, teddy has a little period where he gets kind of freaked out about being a metamorphmagus - ‘what if this isn’t how i’m meant to look? what if i changed something, ages ago, and never changed it back? how would i even know?’ - so charlie takes him aside and sits him down and goes ‘nah, kid, you look exactly like you should. you know how i know?’ ‘how?’ ‘cos you look exactly like your mum when you get angry. and you pull the same face as her when youre about to get up to trouble.’ and he goes and gets, from a long forgotten album, a photo of teenage tonks with a bunch of her hogwarts friends, pulling faces at the camera, and

"thanks uncle charlie," teddy says, holding the old frail photo with precise care, and they both let the silent tears fall down their face

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Dumbledore, notorious for giving second chances Dumbledore, let Sirius rot in Azkaban for twelve years. 

He must have known Sirius well due to his time in the Order, he must have known what James meant to Sirius. Dumbledore was a member of the freaking Wizengamot yet he didn’t fight the Ministry’s horrifying trial-optional policy. 

This is a man who took back Death Eater!Snape at his word, shielded him from prison, and employed him at a school for children. 

But he didn’t have a use for Sirius, so he didn’t care about him.

I got 99 problems with Dumbledore and his treatment of Sirius Black accounts for like 64 of them.  

To be honest, Albus Dumbledore is one of the most disturbing, terrifying characters I’ve ever found in a book, because he thought he was a good guy and so did everyone else and the books don’t really challenge it either (given that Harry forgives him for everything he did), but when you look between the lines he was profoundly, profoundly immoral and unethical.

A couple of months ago, I was talking about HP characters with a friend, and he said that Dumbledore was one of his least favorite characters of all time.

Naturally, this took me back a bit since he’s one of the heroes of the series, misguided as he was at times. Still, I was curious and asked my friend why he hated him. His answer still strikes a chord with me.

"There is never, ever a reason to leave a child in an abusive home. Never."

So many things in the books about Dumbledore bothered me. Who lets a bunch of kids walk into one battle after another without preparing & training them?

In his youth, Dumbledore planned atrocities for the “greater good.”  In his old age, he perpetrated atrocities for the “greater good.”  The idea of  the greater good changed, the man didn’t.

I was rereading the first book and I came across this:

    “D’you think he meant you to do it?” said Ron. “Sending you your father’s cloak and everything?”
  ”Well, ” Hermione exploded, “if he did — I mean to say — that’s terrible — you could have been killed.”
  ”No, it isn’t,” said Harry thoughtfully. “He’s a funny man, Dumbledore. I think he sort of wanted to give me a chance. I think he knows more or less everything that goes on here, you know. I reckon he had a pretty good idea we were going to try, and instead of stopping us, he just taught us enough to help. I don’t think it was an accident he let me find out how the Mirror worked. It’s almost like he thought I had the right to face Voldemort if I could….”

Bolding mine. He ‘taught’ (he talked to Harry once and ignored the other two) three eleven/twelve year olds barely enough to take on a genocidal, heartless monster and one of their own teachers. Dumbledore knew that Quirrell had gone bad (‘Harry’s gone after him, hasn’t he?’), and he didn’t even tell McGonnagall or any other competent adult.

This is here from the beginning. Dumbledore knows a lot but keeps it too close to his chest. Hermione is right, they could. have. died. Which wouldn’t be a big deal (it is a fantasy book after all) except that apparently Dumbledore, someone who we’re supposed to trust, knew all and let them do it without thorough preparation. “Just enough” may be sufficient but it isn’t a sign of a good teacher.

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Can you imagine Harry trying to parent his children and tell them they need to settle down but then James Sirius just pulls out his edition of Harry James Potter: A History and goes, “When you were my age you followed an alleged mass murderer into a tunnel, faced a werewolf and nearly got killed by dementors. I think I can go to The Bent-Winged Snitches concert.” 

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Harry was the favorite kid and he wasn’t even an official part of the family

Because Molly knows exactly how the Dursleys treat him. There’s no way Ron wouldn’t tell her. And Molly Weasley is a Mother. She gets a capital M because she is goddamn phenomenal at what she does. When she hears Harry Potter is on the train to Hogwarts in Book 1, her reaction isn’t to be starstruck. It’s to say “that poor dear had to come here all on his own.” Molly Weasley loves harder than anyone. She loves like it’s her sole reason for being. And when she hears there’s a poor boy who has never known love his whole life… how could she not?

In Year One Molly Weasley knit Harry a Weasley family sweater and made him homemade chocolate so he would have something to open on Christmas DON’T TOUCH ME

could I also just add that kids from abusive households tend to assume that yelling is directed at them and/or it heralds something bad for them so she’s making extra sure that he knows that this is not his fault and she’s not actually mad at him.

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How Long is this Fic Really?: A Guide




Word count in the HP Series: 

Sorcerer’s Stones: 76,944 
Chamber of Secrets: 85,141
Prisoner of Azkaban: 107,253 
Goblet of Fire: 190,637
Order of the Phoenix: 257,045
Half-Blood Prince: 168,923
Deathly Hallows: 198,227

Word count in the LOTR Series:

The Hobbit: 95,022
Fellowship of the Ring: 177,227
Two Towers: 143,436
Return of the King: 134,462

This changed me

this is going to come in handy one day…

King James Bible (approximately): 788,280

Les Misérables (“The Brick”): 530,982

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What if Charlie Weasley is asexual? Like what if when his brothers were going through puberty and getting crushes on girls and just obsessing over them, Charlie was just like, “Guys. DRAGONS.”

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a ravenclaw inventing a spell like “ive enchanted this quill so that one dip in an inkwell and it will be able to draw from that inkwell until its out! no redipping!” and their muggle born friend just

"a… literally just used magic to make a pen" 

And then the muggleborn gives them a normal pen and they’re just like “how does it workOH MY MERLIN IT CLICKS” and they just spend the whole class clicking their pen

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Just one of those things that I always wondered about. Stags and otters are all very well, but what if you end up with a tiny chameleon or giant blue whale? I mean, it could be a giant tub of nutella…

Anyway, so glad I got around to doing this pic -drawing the less attractive animals was awesome.

Popped it up on Redbubble because they have tote bags and cushions now which is just wow - can grab it also on cards or posters - check it out here!

magikarp tho

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the stupidest thing in the entire harry potter series was when they go down to the slytherin dormitory and it’s all dark and slimy and freezing and shit. as if lucius malfoy would let his son live in squalor like that. the house with the highest concentration of spoiled purebloods are happy to live under the goddamn lake? no.

wow this is the #1 best harry potter criticism i have ever read


Thus the muses spake:

"JK you dealt kinda shittily with Dumbledore and other diversity aspects, so we’re gonna go ahead and fix this ourselves" 

In other news A+ headcanons from the HP fandom. 

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at least one, probably two, and potentially (depending on interpretation) many of the british wizarding world’s so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’, the 28 esteemed british families purported to still be “truly pureblood” by the 1930s were non-white, which does some service to the idea that race was not a particularly important or notable factor in wizarding british social hierarchy even through the turn of the 20th century, during a major peak in western muggle white supremacy.

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